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What’s the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order, we do sell through Amazon and a few select partners, however.

Which countries do you ship to?

We can ship anywhere but it's probably going to be expensive.  We're currently open to commercializing our products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, with later expansion to Europe and Latin America.

Do you accept returns?

Returns of the product are accepted, per Amazon's policies, however, approval is required and the liquid should be reasonably all in the bottle to issue a refund

How does Spots B Gone!™ work?

  • To clean pet “accidents” simply apply enough Spots B Gone!™ to saturate the affected area of a rug, fabric or any other surface, then dab with a cloth or microfiber (recommended) to dry the area.  It’s also possible to simply leave it to dry.

  • For a red wine stain and most other organic stains, you will need to use about 2 or 3 sprays of Spots B Gone!™ or enough to saturate the affected area, and a microfiber (recommended) rag to dab and rub the stain with.  After that, dab the liquid dry, then reapply Spots B Gone!™ repeat this process 3 to 5 times, then leave the product on to dry, apply more product as needed until the stain and odors disappear.  Tea stains can be removed but you will need more Spots B Gone!™  than for wine stains.  Wash fabrics in a washing machine to finish the process.

  • For cleaning glass and dishes simply put about ½ cup of Spots B Gone!™ in your dishwasher, or spray some of it on a rag (microfiber is recommended) and clean away!

Warnings While Using Spots B Gone!™

This product contains powerful ingredients, it’s not toxic when used as directed but you may want to wear gloves while handling it.  If you experience whitening of your skin, this is a normal effect and will disappear within minutes after touching the product, there is no danger from this beyond having dry skin.  As with any cleaning product, wash your hands after using it.  Do not drink any quantity of the product.  Never breathe or inhale the fumes for prolonged periods of time. It may oxidize some metals, clean immediately and wash metals to prevent this.

What is in Spots B Gone!™?

In order to protect our product from being copied, the formula is described as "Grandma Hope's Ingredients" or "grandma's ingredients."​  Rest assured none of the ingredients are harmful, even when ingested, they are all food grade and in concentrations that would normally only cause discomfort and would not normally permanently injure a person.  Do induce vomit if ingested, mostly to avoid unpleasant effects and use as directed.

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