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CleanWizRD LLC

We help you get rid of stains and smells while remaining environmentally friendly!

     CleanWizRD is a new company that is promoting a product that has been researched for over 12 years.  Spots B Gone!'s current formula was made by Al, one of the founders of CleanWizRD.  He formulated it with ingredients his grandmother used to clean with when he was a kid. The main purpose for Spots B Gone! was to clean after Luigi, his cat (see picture below).  Luigi was diagnosed with kidney disease since he was 5 years old, he's 18 now, so he's doing quite well, but he doesn't always make it to the litterbox.  If you've had this happen, cat's pee can smell pretty badly and is quite hard to get rid of, which is why Spots B Gone! had to be made.  Spots B Gone! was then later used to clean after Bugsy's own accidents (see below, to the right.  Bugsy has food intolerance issues, which makes her puke a lot, even with vet prescribed food.  She's healthy and Al has taken good care of her, but she has had some "stellar" moments!  This is why Al swears he couldn't live in his house without Spots B Gone! and we at CleanWizRD LLC hope it helps a lot more people with its almost magical cleaning properties.

     We are committed to remaining as environmentally friendly as possible, none of the ingredients in Spots B Gone! are hazardous to the environment, or toxic when used as directed, however, labels and containers will be fully recyclable if not made from recyclable materials to ensure a full environmentally friendly product cycle.

Thank you for supporting us and buying Spots B Gone!

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